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    Pysanky for Peace

    For the third year in a row, Kingsway is proud to host Pysanky for Peace, in honour of the traditional pysanky style of Easter egg artwork originally from Ukraine. This is a partnership between Kingsway, Alberta Council for Ukrainian Arts (ACUA), and newcomer Ukrainian artists to bring hope and support to the community throughout the Easter season.

    Pysanky are the elaborately designed Ukrainian Easter eggs that are a large part of Ukrainian Easter tradition. During the Easter season, major cities in Ukraine often have oversized pysanky on display in their squares as part of community celebrations. We are continuing that tradition for another year at Kingsway.

    This exhibit features thirteen hand-painted pysanky. All the artists are newcomers that have fled the war in Ukraine, arriving in Edmonton over the past few years.

    View the exhibit until April 23, located on the main level near Starbucks. To purchase one of these unique, hand-painted eggs, visit the online store HERE.

    Alberta Council for the Ukrainian Arts (ACUA)

    ACUA is a non-profit Ukrainian arts organization. It is the mandate of ACUA to facilitate and encourage greater appreciation and awareness of the Ukrainian arts and their cultural significance to the greater Alberta community.

    Through exhibitions, tours, festivals, educational programs, workshops, and special projects, ACUA promotes growth and provides support to the Ukrainian arts and artists living in Alberta.

    Their mission is to foster the growth and awareness of all forms of Ukrainian arts in Alberta. Their objectives are to educate the public with respect to the Ukrainian arts. To support and promote Ukrainian artists and their work through a variety of activities that engage the broader Alberta public.

    Meet the Artists

    1. Alona Liakh – “Born and raised in the picturesque landscapes of the Poltava region, Ukraine. Driven by a desire to express myself creatively, I’ve immersed myself in various forms of art, exploring painting, drawing, and other mediums. Each brushstroke and line reflects my unique perspective, drawing inspiration from the vibrant colors of my homeland. Also from early on, I’ve been captivated by the art of photography, finding joy in capturing the essence of life’s fleeting moments. My journey as an artist is a constant evolution, a journey of self-discovery and expression. Through my work, I strive to evoke emotion, spark conversation, and inspire others to see the world through a different lens. With each creation, I aim to leave a lasting impression, celebrating the beauty of life, and the boundless possibilities of artistic expression.”
    2. Anna Shmigol – “I was born in Ukraine in Odessa, the most romantic and beautiful city near the Black Sea. From early childhood, I was really good in painting and all kinds of creativity. But the most powerful message about art activity I had received only here, in Edmonton. I like to express my inner points of view through my artworks in order to show off the main idea of my imagination.”
    3. Inna Revustka – “Originally hailing from Bukovyna, Ukraine, I have called Edmonton home for nearly two years now. Creativity flows through my veins, defining my identity as a designer. In my homeland, I curated elegant bridesmaids’ attire and coordinated family ensembles, while also crafting exquisite baby bedding and bespoke toys adorned with intricate embroidery within my own studio. Here in Edmonton, I perpetuate my artistic journey by meticulously crafting Ukrainian embroidered garments and offering personalized embroidery services. My affection for Pysanka, the Ukrainian tradition of decorating Easter eggs, blossomed in my childhood under the tutelage of my grandmother. I fondly recall the cherished moments spent at her side, observing her deft hands intricately adorning Pysankas with the timeless motifs of our region. Inspired by her legacy, I embarked on a mission to honor her memory by decorating my Pysanka of Peace with her timeless designs.”
    4. Maria Levytska – “I came to this wonderful city of Edmonton 1.5 years ago. Before that, I lived in a small town in western Ukraine, not far from Lviv. A little bit about me: I worked as an art teacher in primary and secondary school. I have two pedagogical degrees. One of my hobbies is interior design and artistic decoration, and I create new projects in my free time. I also work on paintings using the technique of painting on glass, which is an ancient Ukrainian painting technique. In general, I am an active, creative person open to new acquaintances and new achievements.”
    5. Nataliia Stativa-Zharko – “I was born on October 23, 1970 in the village of Petrykivka, Dnipropetrovsk region. Since 1994, I lived in the city of Bila Tserkva, Kyiv region. Since 2022, I live in Canada. I studied Petrykivka painting from my uncle, F.S. Pankо (Honored Master of Folk Art of Ukraine). I have a significant creative output. My works always attract the viewer with both the artistic perfection of the execution technique and the sense of color combined with refined taste. Trying to be honest in creativity. Using the centuries-old heritage of Petrykivka painting, I successfully combine traditional motifs and technical possibilities with the search for new figurative lines, modern means for their implementation. In this way, both purely decorative and utilitarian things (wooden dishes, glass, ceramics, furniture) and graphic works (postcards, calendars, etc.) that were printed in Ukraine and abroad are created. My works are in the Dnipropetrovsk Art Museum, the National Museum of Ukrainian Decorative and Applied Arts (Kyiv), the Boris Hmyra Museum (Kyiv), the National Museum of Ukrainian Art (Kyiv), the Belotserkiv Museum of Local Lore, the Chemnitz Museum (Germany) and in many institutions and private collections of Ukraine and abroad. I conduct teaching work (master classes, drawing lessons, etc.).”
    6. Olena Vandysheva – “I am a psychologist, counsellor, facilitator of a support group for emigrants from Ukraine, which is ready to adapt newly arrived Ukrainians to new conditions and opportunities in Canada and provides individual counseling to support favorable well-being for adults and children. I have been in Canada for almost six months with my 16-year-old son. I have a positive attitude towards life, am passionate about painting, and actively continue to participate in creative projects.”
    7. Oles Iusypchuk – “I was born on February 26, 1991 in Kyiv. I spent my childhood and youth in the Carpathians, where I graduated from high school, a music school in the piano department. In 2006, I graduated with a red diploma from the Kosiv College of Decorative and Applied Arts, majoring in “Artistic Metal Processing”. In 2010 I returned to major in Film and Television Director. After receiving my diploma, I worked on films, music videos, advertisements, created the first Ukrainian youth cartoon series “Chortovyiki / Devils”, and entered the Book of Records of Ukraine as one of the creators of the first spatial cartoon in Europe with the largest screen area (210 meters long). I illustrated the children’s fantasy book “Legends of the Enchanted Forest” and created a number of short films and clips.”
    8. Olha Frolova – “Originally from Kyiv, Ukraine, I live and create in Edmonton. Drawing was always my hobby and for the last eight years has been my job. My mixed drawing style in my art displays everything I love, worry, and think. Since the beginning of the Russian invasion, I have displayed more about my beautiful country in my drawings. I paint Ukraine blooming and beautiful because that’s how it was and always will be. Ukraine is free, strong, and Ukrainians are brave people. I put all my soul in my drawings, and I honor my country. And I know soon I will share a story of great victory in my art.”
    9. Olha Lesiv – “I am a pysankarka from the city of Kolomyia. Ever since I was a child, I was fascinated by how Easter eggs looked. They always had something special, something more than just pictures on an egg. Every year during Easter, I would get a new dose of inspiration by looking at the patterns on Easter eggs in our house. And I always knew that one day I would be able to create equally beautiful masterpieces. My parents always supported my passion for painting. They helped me develop my skills and improve my creativity. Each new Easter egg that I drew was like a small work of art for me. When I decided that I wanted to take up Easter painting seriously, I joined the local museum of Easter painting. There I studied not only traditional methods and techniques, but also participated in the study of the symbolism embedded in each element on the Easter egg. It allowed me to feel even more deeply the magic and meaning of this art. Over time, I became an expert in various calligraphy techniques. From classical painting to modern experiments with paints and materials – I tried to improve myself in everything. And now I feel that my works not only reflect my efforts and talent, but also convey the spirit of our Ukrainian culture and traditions. Now I often organize workshops to share my experience and inspiration with others. It’s not just a job for me, it’s my mission – to spread this beauty and magic of Easter eggs among others and encourage them to join this ancient Ukrainian tradition.”
    10. Ruslan Palanitskyi – “I was born on June 16, 1974 in Ternopil. I graduated from Ternopil Cooperative Trade and Economic College with a Major in Design. After, I entered college and finished my degree in Ukrainian Academy of Printing. I was working as an interior designer, landscape designer, and exterior designer for decades. Also, I am a father of four daughters that are interested in design and art as well.”
    11. Solomia Palanitska – “I was born in Ternopil. I graduated from Lviv National Academy of Art (department of monumental painting), am a participant of many Ukrainian and international exhibitions, and laureate of the international exhibition “Lviv Autumn Salon”. I have taught painting, drawing, composition, and colour theory at the Ternopil Cooperative College. I arrived in Edmonton in March 2022 and am a proud mother of four daughters. “
    12. Viktoriia Baranik – “I’m 22 years old, I was born in the Luhansk region, Ukraine. After the invasion of the Russian soldiers in 2014, my family and I moved to Ivano-Frankivsk, where I graduated from art school, and I painted paintings and portraits to order in different European countries. In June 2022, I flew to Canada and I am happy to share my creativity here. I am working as a tattoo artist, and I like to leave my mark on a person’s skin. I’m happy with this opportunity to share my experience, my love with this world. My ideas of eggs I want to convey the beauty of Ukraine, in the style of Van Gogh.”
    13. Yaroslava Naumenko – “I was born in Ukraine in a city named Lutsk, which has a very old interesting and great history. Here, I studied at the painting school and later on Lesia Ukrainka Eastern European National University at the cathedra of Fine Arts. I didn’t decide to become an artist, it was always my life. My parents are also artists in two generations. In 2018, I learned to web design and was working in a few companies. In 2020, I was amazed by the fluid art technique and started to work a lot on this style of painting. I lived the last 3 years in Kyiv before I moved to Canada in 2022. For me anything in this world is not dependable, except art. It is what was, is, and will be. I like to change a world around and never stop on the achieved. When I’m painting, I focus on creating a specific mood, not just stuff. “