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Classic Gift Cards
  • Kingsway Giftcard

    Classic Gift Cards Delivered to You

    Classic Gift Cards Delivered to You

    Purchase a physical gift card online and have it delivered to your doorstep or have it sent directly to a special someone. Add special packaging and a greeting card to give it a personal touch.

    Gift Card Bonus not available on Classic Gift Cards delivered to you.

  • Kingsway Giftcard

    Shop In-Mall

    Shop In-Mall

    Purchase your gift card in person at our new Gift Card Kiosk attached to our Guest Services Desk.

How it Works

How it Works

Step One

To purchase a Classic Gift Card, visit Kingsway’s Guest Services Desk. Physical cards can also be delivered to your home or recipient.


Step Two

Select your desired domination of $10 or more. The maximum daily limit is $9,500. Accepted forms of payment are debit or credit cards only.


Step Three

Now that your physical gift card is loaded, it is ready to be spent at Kingsway, or at any of our Oxford Shopping Centres.