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  • Crepe Delicious

    Crepe Delicious is a rapidly growing mall-based creperie, offering sweet and savory crepes as well as a selection of panini sandwiches, salads, gelato, and premium beverages.

    Carlo’s Bakery Cake ATM

    Treat yourself to something delicious from the Cake Boss.


    Chatime is the first global tea chain to bring authentic Taiwanese tea beverages to the market, with over 1000 locations worldwide in 26 countries.

    Potato Corner

    Presenting…The World’s Best Flavored Fries!

    Potato Corner opened its first outlet in the Philippines in October 1992 and began franchising the year after. Today, it has grown from small carts into in-line stores found in almost every corner of the world.

    Mr. Pretzels

    Using only the finest quality ingredients, we prepare the dough moments before it is hand rolled and served fresh. The pretzel shaped dough is then baked to golden to achieve an optimum soft texture. Soft and delicious, our pretzels are then dipped in a variety of toppings that are sweet and savory.

    Our sweet flavors include cinnamon sugar, chocolate, and toffee. Our savory flavors include original salted, parmesan cheese, sesame seed, and pretzel dogs.

    Jugo Juice

    At Jugo Juice, we believe that you get out what you put in. We only put in premium fruit, fresh veggies, unsweetened juices and whole food benefits. It’s not easy finding great tasting, convenient and healthy options on the go.


    The original POP!  Since 1983 Kernels Popcorn has been making a sensational range of unique popcorn flavours for the ideal snack time.

    Purdy’s Chocolatier

    At Purdy’s, everyone—from our chocolatiers to our in-shop chocolate connoisseurs—is always inspired to take you away from the ordinary. We source premium-quality ingredients from around the world, and choose local options whenever possible. We never compromise on quality, and you bet you can taste it.

    Cookies By George

    Wowing people with their gourmet cookies and gifts since 1983, Cookies By George uses only natural ingredients. There is no scrimping on quality and no added preservatives.


    Ever since our first Cinnamon Roll Bakery opened in Calgary in 1987, it has been our greatest pleasure to provide homemade cinnamon rolls to guests around the world. Even as we’ve grown and expanded, we’ve never lost track of our Canadian pride and values, and we remain determined to provide only the most wholesome and delicious experience possible.

    At Cinnzeo, we specialize in crafting cinnamon rolls from scratch baked straight from the oven and prepared just for you to indulge in.