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    The Kingsway Mural Project

    Kingsway knows how important it is to create opportunities for people to connect with each other and with the local talent in our community. In an effort to continue creating these opportunities we’re proud to present The Kingsway Mural Project.

    Kingsway is home to over a dozen murals by local and international mural artists of all genres. The murals showcase art from experienced artists as well as some artists just getting their start, and the collection is constantly changing. Take a walk, take a pic, and support local art at Kingsway.

    Below are just a few of the pieces at Kingsway:

    Current Murals:

    The Curious Bear and the Four Seasons

    We are honoured to introduce four new works of art to Kingsway from acclaimed Alberta artist @jasoncarterart. Jason Carter is a contemporary Indigenous artist from Little Red River Cree Nation. He is a sculptor, painter, illustrator, public artist, and graphic designer.

    The Curious Bear and the Four Seasons is a series of four pieces, produced at breathtaking scale. These are mounted overhead in the food court, and face the largest area of natural light at Kingsway.

    The pieces can be viewed in the Food Court by Entrance 1.

    (1) The Curious Bear Dreams Big Dreams At Three Sisters 

    Part of a series that I created called ‘To Dream The Bear’ this painting explores the stories passed down to me growing upby my mother that if you went to bed at night with a hope and or a wish in your heart and a bear visited you in your dreams – well, this was considered a very good thing.


    (2) Always Look Up And Celebrate The Beauty Of It All, Whispered Mother Bear 

    This painting is a celebration of three things that are of great importance to me: the beauty of a the northern lights and the winter sky here in Alberta, the constant comfort of family and the reminder to always stop and celebrate the celebrations (no matter how cold!)


    (3) The Satiated Bear And The Unfortunate Trout At Spirit Island

    The Bear is a constant source of inspiration for me in both my art work and in story telling, but also the landscapes of Alberta and Maligne Lake in Jasper National Parks is a place of unprecedented beauty!


    (4) The Curious Bear In A Canoe Enjoys The Beauty Of An Autumn Day

    One of the things I love to do with my work is to infuse it with a sense of humour and joy – and this piece embodies both; The Curious Bear in a canoe and the incredible colours of the larch trees in the fall. I find humour essential and joy pure energy!

    "Nimihitowin": Dancing/Movement

    We are proud to unveil a mural in honour of National Indigenous Peoples Day in partnership with Rust Magic International — “Nimihitowin”: Dancing/Movement by Nelson “Dedos” Garcia.

    "Nimihitowin": Dancing/Movement mural

    This mural is a tribute to two Nehiyaw (Cree) artists: iskocês (lunacee) and mitêw kisêynô (creeasian).

    From the artist: “It is a celebration of the positive work that these two artists do. They embody both the teachings of their ancestors and cultural generosity to share knowledge; as well as the innovation and universality that is Hip Hop culture.

    This mural was painted as a gesture of gratitude to all of the ancestors who survived in order for us to be here today and as recognition that we are also ancestors praying for the generations still to come. We are stars dancing across the Vast!”

    We invite you to explore Nimihitowin, on the upper level across from The GAP.

    Nimihitowin mural shot - right angle

    Nimihitowin mural shot - left angle


    Pete Nguyen is an artist, designer, and director in Edmonton, Alberta.

    “Portals” mural by Pete Nguyen

    “Portals” on the upper level of Kingsway by Pete Nguyen.

    Mujeres Divinas

    Lauren B. Sanchez (LBS) is an emerging visual artist, art and yoga teacher, and self-published author based in Mohkinstsis, Treaty 7 (Calgary, Alberta).

    It was her extensive travels throughout the Caribbean, Hawaii and Mexico that taught her to create from deep self-exploration, playfulness and truth. While painting is her primary discipline, Lauren is also experienced in ceramics, illustrations, photography, and creative writing.

    “Mujeres Divinas” mural by Lauren Sanchez.

    “Mujeres Divinas” on the upper level of Kingsway by artist Lauren Sanchez.

    Big Carp Energy

    AJA Louden Studios creates inspiring, memorable interior and exterior artworks, boldly transforming everyday walls into landmarks.

    “Big Carp Energy” mural by AJA Louden.

    “Big Carp Energy” on the upper level of Kingsway by artist AJA Louden.


    Rahmaan Hameed is a multidisciplinary visual artist and creative designer with over 8 years of professional experience working with private and commercial clients. He specializes in contemporary street art, pop art, graphic design & illustration, and branding.

    From the artist: “Essentially the reason I chose this concept is because of my love for superheroes. I like to utilize a lot of bright, bold, and vibrant colours in all of my work while taking inspiration from the pop culture I grew up loving (and still do). I believe everyone is able to connect with superheroes in one way or another, whether it takes them back to the carefree days of their childhood or it allows them to relive and share these icons with the newer generation.”

    "These characters are everlasting, having the ability to inspire and touch so many." - Rahmaan Hameed

    Artist Rahmaan Hameed standing in front of his "SUPER POP!" mural on the upper level of Kingsway.

    Past Murals:


    Coming Soon (Mixed Messages) by Jill Stanton

    Blue Comic by Jill Stanton